Unity and Solidarity towards Fullness of Life

TMN1 2014

With the theme “Unity and Solidarity towards Fullness of Life”, the CB Treasurers’ meeting 2014 opened with an Eucharistic celebration led by Mgr. Hanneman.
The mass was attended by the 25 participants, support committee and able Sisters in the main Chapel of Onder de Bogen, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

After the Mass, the participants and the support committees proceeded to Sion Hall for coffee and tea. Then everyone went to the meeting room called “Chapter Hall”.
Sr. Lisbeth facilitated the program with Sr. Rosaria welcoming and thanking everyone for their help and supports especially the Dutch Province for their generosity and hospitality. It was followed by Sr. Terry giving guidelines and practical aspect of the program. Afterwards, Sr. Rosaria gave a power point presentation of her keynote speech, which emphasized unity and solidarity among the sisters in the different areas, regions and provinces. She also emphasized spirituality of Stewardship in managing the finances and properties of the Congregation. It was uplifting.

Hitting the table with a gavel three times, she announced the official opening of the meeting which will culminate on July 18.

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