Short history

At the end of the year 1990 the CB community in the United States of America started with a ‘study house’ for our CB Sisters. The Congregation is now present in the three Dioceses of three different States. We are involved in various ministries in the Archdiocese of Washington DC in the State of Maryland, in the Diocese of Memphis in the State of Tennessee and in the Diocese of Jackson in the State of Mississippi.

At present we have two CB communities in the USA:

  1. Elisabeth convent at Classical Lane, Silver Spring, belongs to the Archdiocese of Washington DC. It is a ‘CB study house’. One of our sisters is involved in pastoral care, especially in lending succour to people who are terminally ill. She visits them at home. As a community we also join the activities of the parish of St. John the Baptist in Silver Spring. Our convent is known as the ‘home’ of the Indonesian group: we are a group of students and families who live and study at the Universities of Maryland Washington DC, and surrounding cities. They regularly gather in our convent regularly as one big family.
  2. Star of the Sea convent at Normandy Avenue, belongs to the Diocese of Memphis. We are involved in educational ministry, by teaching in the parish schools and by taking part in the activities of the parishes. One of us has joined the Sacred Heart Southern Missions which renders social services to the needy people of Dehon Village at Walls, Mississippi (Diocese of Jackson). This service covers the whole family: children, youth, adult groups and seniors.

Where do we live?
In the USA we live in Silver Springs and Memphis.