Serious matters have to be dealt with.  After the ‘world’ tour, the participants settled down and listened to Mr. F. Pijpers and Mr. Raajmakers’ input on investment, budgeting, reporting, and controlling.  Towards the end of their talk, many gave a sigh of relief and admitted that they know so little about the topic.   Everyone was grateful that the Congregations have good advisers and consultants like them.

Below are some important points to remember:

  • Make plan before making the budget.  Coordination between the Treasurer and the Board is crucial to make proper budget.  Explanation or a note is important for the consideration and approval of the proposed budget.  (Ex.  Purpose of the increased budget in the item.)
  • Submit budget on time (before year end).
  • Submit reports on time.  It will be used and studied.)
  • The proposed budget must be approved first before implementation.  If the approval is late, use the old budget.
  • There must be transparency, reliability, relevancy, and comparability in reporting.
  • It is better to check on the approved budget before dividing or allocating the money that one received.  The budget is a tool of control.
  • Investment is an art.  Do not risk unnecessarily!
  • All are God’s stewards.

The Sisters were serious.  The next day, Sr. Valsa, JMJ was scheduled to give input on the Spirituality of Stewardship.

Interesting!  Sr. Valsa’s approach was to draw and learn from the Sister’s experiences. From the sharing of the Sisters, she pointed out the lesson that can be taken, lesson from it and how it can be done better.

She gave the Sisters’ learning that they can identify with and use.  Here are some pointers that can be considered:

  • the situation:  history, background
  • The area/place where the situation happened.
  • the involved personalities
  • the responsible person
  • brevity of the situation
  • Policies and regulations, etc.

After all these considerations, without saying so, she emphasized on the most important factor:  God! Where is God in one’s life, apostolate, work and ministries?  Is he present at all?  Where is he in one’s life and activities?

To end her input, Sr. Valsa then showed a power point presentation of Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s life, works and ministries through the words that were quoted from her.  Mother Teresa is a good role model who “lived her talked”!

It was a solemn and a fitting end of the day!  The next day, Saturday, there was a scheduled recollection.  It was a day of silence, prayer and meeting with the Lord!  May planning, budgeting, reporting, controlling and the spirit of stewardship become part of the Sisters’ consciousness and live it.

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