Timor Leste

Short history
Since 1979, CB presence in East Timor at the invitation of Mgr.Martino Lopes Da Cruz (Bishop of the Diocese of Dili). When East Timor was just free from the throes of civil war in 1975. Turbulent situation that claimed many lives, and many people experience pain and suffering the loss of relatives, homes and possessions. Many people fled to West Timor, Indonesia, in order to save himself and family, and to date there are still many who have not returned and some have been a citizen of Indonesia.

Over time, this time in East Timor has established a new government, with the new president. Xanana Gusmao is still a prime minister for this period. While the Church has also experienced a positive development. Dated September 5 to September 9, 2012, in the Diocese of Dili, East Timor will be held yamg Bishops Conference was attended by the bishops of the six countries. Three of the Bishop will stay and stay a few days at the Community Bebora CB during the conference.

Although Timor Leste was 33 years of CB present and active in East Timor, there are only three communities with the nuns, amounting to 8 people, namely: 1) Community Bebora by three sisters, 2) Community Dare with three sisters, and 3) Community of initial formation with two persons sisters. This initial formation was started in 2007. New shoots begin to grow and evolve, and future plans will begin their novitiate. Novitiate house currently being built in Manleuana, in the western part of Dili. CB now has grown and evolved with the increase in members and spread the work.

What do we do?
Currently the sisters in East Timor CB work in some of the, al: 1) work in education (kindergarten & Play Group) and the plan would open up the work of education at the primary level because it includes a pressing need, 2) work in the socio-pastoral and Houses retreat owned by the diocese. In uncertain situations such as in Timor Leste, which is needed is help from Heaven, to be able to answer the call of God and able to respond to the needs of local communities. We strive with hope and courage so that CB increasingly rooted in and growing in East Timor is the most help we need is relief effort.