The General Consultative Body Meeting (GCB) 2013

The General Consultative Body Meeting (GCB)


The general superior and her board is assisted in its policies by a general consultative body (Constitution 186). Part of Constitution 188 states that: the general consultative body shall try to discern the signs of the times in order to arrive at a common vision which can guide the direction of the Congregation.

The General Board convoke the first GCB assembly during its term of office in Yogyakarta, Indonesia from February 17th to March 6th, 2013. The Theme of the meeting is: Mysticism and Prophecy in the Heart of Our Congregation. This is to emphasize our continuous effort to deepen the mystical and prophetic dimension of our life as CB sisters. The chosen symbol of this assembly: “Dewi Kunthi”. Dewi Kunthi is the symbol of Mysticism and Prophecy in Javanese shadow puppet.

We hope that this meeting will come up with important policies in our response as CB sisters to the needs of the times. We pray and support for the delegates of this meeting.

A short story of Dewi Kunthi
Dewi KunthiKunthi is a woman figure in the Javanese shadow puppet. The shadow puppet reflects the real life that has a lot of values. We take Kunthi who was the wife of Pandu the king of Hastinapura. The king also got married with Madrim. Because his two wives could not give children so the king and his two wives went to the forest to meditate. When they stayed in the forest, Kunthi got closer to God. And because of that God gave His grace. Finally she got 3 children, namely Yudistira, Bima and Arjuna. And then Kunthi invited Madrim to pray to God for the same intention. Eventually Madrim also got 2 children, namely Nakula and Sadewa. After Pandu and Madrim passed away, Kunthi took care of the five children. And this boys are called Pandawa Lima. Kunthi took care of this children and brought them to be good princes and after some time, Kunthi handed over the throne to Yudistira. Then Kunthi left the kingdom and lived in the forest in purity until she died.

She is an example of a woman chosen by God to be the mother of the five Pandawa, shadow puppet figure that reflects virtues, a person of consistence, as tough as the mountain but still gives comfort, which is always optimistic, hopeful, physically healthy and eager to learn. She is woman with good attitude, loyal to the parents and compassionate towards others and also so sincere that she gained God’s grace. Kunthi is a person whom obeys and brave and willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of the life, a person who relies upon the prayer in silence and meditation, in order to get closer to God. She is also a person who is grateful for everything she has experienced. She is a visionary woman, who is daring to see future for goodness.

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