Short history
The CB Tanzania was started in the year 1959. It was the response to the appeal of Pope Pius XII in “Fidei Donum”. The Brothers of Mercy of Joannes De Deo decided to do the same. Together with them, our sisters went to Tanganjika (Tanzania). The choice was made for Geita district, at Sengerema, in west Tanganjika, Diocese of Mwanza. The Congregation worked together with the Brothers of Mercy Congregation in starting the ‘health services’ in this place.

Three Dutch CB sisters and three Dutch Mercy Brothers were sent to serve this mission.

In the year 1990, the Diocese of Mwanza was divided into two dioceses. Sengerema was assigned to the Diocese of Geita.

The Congregation has been present in Sengerema (Diocese of Geita), Ndala (Diocese of Tabora) since 1963, in Yombo parish (Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam) since 1988, in Regional House and ‘Come and See’ house (since 1995) and Elisabeth Center, Kolila Village – KIA (Diocese of Moshi) since 2010, and Formation House in Tengeru (Archdiocese of Arusha) since 2002.
CB Tanzania became a Region in 1967.

We are involved in various ministries i.e. health services, education and social pastoral ministries.

The Region started to accept Tanzanian candidates in 1990. In 1994, the formation House in KIA was built and it functioned as Postulancy and Novitiate in 1999. Then the Novitiate moved to Tengeru, Arusha in 2002.

What we do
Sengerema Community, Diocese of Geita

Health Care Ministry
Our sisters in Diocese of Geita are involved in ‘health services’ ministry in the Sengerema Hospital (since 1959), the Nurses and Midwifery Training (since 1963), the Medical Assistant Training (since 1971) and the nurses dormitory. We dedicate our selves to serve there as nurses, doctor, administrator, etc. We are also involved in pastoral care for the sick and in outreach program of the hospital. Our sideline apostolates carried out by the sisters are: handicaped children, HIV/AIDS patients, etc.

Education Ministry
In the same Diocese in cooperation with our lay partners, we also provide ‘formal education services’, such as Kindergarten (since 1978 and 1980), St. Caroli Primary School (since 1994), St Caroli Secondary School (since 2001), and Kindergarten Teacher Course, (since 1979). Our sideline apostolates carried out by the sisters are: dormitory and parish activities.