Our Spirituality

Our call to religious life is “deeply rooted” in and a “fuller expression” of baptismal consecration through the profession of the counsels (Perfectae Caritatis, # 5). As CB sisters, we try to live and work in accordance with the spirit of the Gospel in the Spirit of Mother Elisabeth (cf. Const. 6).

“Inspired by the charism of Mother Elisabeth we, who are called to this Congregation, try to foster the attitude of the “servant of Jahweh” and express it in our life. Responding to the challenges of the times, with a spirit of joy and simplicity, we serve our fellowmen, especially those who are suffering and in distress. With the firm conviction that Christ, the crucified, calls us through them we share with them our spiritual and material goods” (Const. 3).

The inspiration and charism of our Foundress are the foundation of the spirituality of our Congregation. In the more than one hundred and seventy five years of our existence as a Congregation this spirituality has developed.

The CB Congregation, conscious of being part of the Church and of history, lives in a sisterhood that is open to God and to people. We try to listen and give an authentic response to the evangelical life according to their own charism, and commit ourselves to build up the Reign of God wherever we are. Indeed, we are committed to evangelization in retreat houses, hospitals, schools, pastoral work, building up local faith-communities, religious associations, justice and peace wherever human dignity is trodden underfoot, especially among the poor, the marginalized and the suffering.

Charism     :   an unconditional and compassionate love of Jesus Christ Crucified.

Vision         :   the poor, the marginalized and the suffering in order to be saved and liberated in the fullness of the Kingdom of God.

Mission       :   being aware of our sacrifices of life according to our Constitutions.  Inspired by the Holy Spirit, motivated by the charism of Elisabeth Gruyters and in solidarity with the universal Church, the members dedicate themselves:

  • to be deeply developed in relationship with Christ in a contemplative attitude of life and to have continuous discernment;
  • to give a life witness as  ‘servants of Yahweh’;
  • to manifest the mystery of the fullness of being human in order to become the authentic image of God as a sign of the presence of His Kingdom; and,
  • to respond to the challenges of the time in joy and simplicity, with preferential option for those who are suffering.

The charism of Mother Elisabeth has inspired us to carry out our lives and mission in a more meaningful way. This, however, is never self evident. Continued study and reflection on the spirituality of the Congregation remains our essential core in order to be relevant not only for our generation but also for the generations that come after us. Hand in hand we need to make spirituality our core business that inspires, nourishes, energizes and derives our lives and the life of others whom we encounter. Only in this way the deepening and passing on of our spirituality shall be carried out in actions.

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