Short history
In 1923, Bishop Mgr. Jan Olaf Smit, the then newly appointed Apostolic Vicar of Norway invited us to help in Norway. In answer to the needs of the people during that time, the Congregation opened houses, hospitals, clinics, and kindergarten schools in Molde, Hamar, Kristiansund, Alesund and Baerum. With the full development of Norway as a welfare State, plus the advancing age of the sisters and with few vocations, the said institutions were sold to the local government.

In spite of their advancing age, the sisters continued to serve the Catholic Church of Norway and started a new form of apostolate. Moss community was started in 1980. Doing pastoral works and as sacristans in parishes, the sisters reached out to refugees and migrants who needed help and assistance. At present we have only one community with two sisters still working and helping the Catholic Diocese of Oslo in the parish of Moss. The community is under the direct supervision of the General Board.

We serve the Church as pastoral care workers and sacristans in the St. Mikael’s Kirke in Moss. Two of us are also working in the government and private ran homes for the aged as nurses.