Short history
Our foundation story of Kenya goes back in November 2000 when the General Consultative Body Meeting expressed a dream of starting a community in Nairobi, Kenya. This dream was entrusted to the creativity of the Tanzanian Region, which was also the original source of the idea.

Sister Immaculati who became the Superior of the Region continued to establish rapport with friends for information and insights. Some sisters from the Region were already sent to Nairobi for some short courses and formation programs. In 2004, Sisters Melanie and Domenico of the General Board were in nairobi for an orientation trip. In this year, sister Bena was sent to Nairobi for academic study in one of the Catholic schools in the city.

The General Chapter 2005 recommended that a CB community be established in Kenya as new mission, preferably in Nairobi. The Region of Tanzania committed itself to work with the General Board in this project. This partnership was made possible with the Region assuming responsibilty in developing the mission both in management and int the formation of candidates from Kenya. Thus, Kenya, though a nwe mission was made an extension of the Region of Tanzania.

In November 2005 Srs. Melanie and Cresencia went on visitation in the Region including Nairobi. A land property in the vicinity of the East Africa’s Catholic University was offered to the Congregation. Eventually, the Congregation bought that property which is now the base of our first community in Kenya. The location is ideal for religious community especially for our student Sisters.