East Indonesia

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Short history
The structure is essential in order for the Congregation to be able to manage its life and development. At the CB General Chapter 1999, in the Philippines,  it was decided  that “the General Board, together with the Area Boards, examine the need for a new structure of governing which is more decentralized, especially in the larger Areas/Provinces. This decision was re-echoed and emphasized during the General Chapter 2005 with the recommendation  “East Indonesia  be established  as a new Region. The process of establishing this new region will be worked out in coordination with the Indonesian Province”.

After taking some aspects into our consideration, the General Board in  coordination  with  the  Provincial  Board  of  Indonesia realized this  recommendation.  With great faith in God’s providence  the East Indonesian Region was inaugurated on October 7, 2007. When the Region was officially opened there were 35 sisters in the Area.

The spiritual  and prayer  life are also emphasized  in all formation  programmes including the juniors’ and ongoing formation for all perpetually professed sisters. The deepening of spirituality and prayer life is also encouraged in the local community.  The same  emphasis  is put on the deepening  of spirituality  in the apostolic ministry.

Formation is an integral part of our life as religious.  It is a lifetime process on our journey towards maturity both as a person and as a religious sister living in this Congregation. The  decrease  of  membership  and  the  tendency  of  a  decreasing  number  of candidates  in  the  East  Indonesian  Area,  make  that  the  sisters  of  this  Region consider vocation promotion a significant activity.Since there is an initial formation  house in Kupang,  which started in 2001, the number  of candidates  coming  from the areas of East Indonesia varies.

The Region is involved in several apostolic ministries.  Although limited in number, the sisters are involved in the area of health care, education, formation  and social-pastoral  works. The sisters try to respond to  the signs of the times  by  immersing  into  the  reality  of  the  society  through  their  apostolic ministries. They are aware that apostolic ministry is the key to open the door to people’s hearts. In the field of health care the Region runs 3 clinics and 1 health post service in 4 different dioceses. Beside these clinics, owned by the Congregation, there are still 2  other  clinics  managed  by  the  sisters  but  owned  by  the  diocese.  It  is  quite obvious that this field of ministry still answers the needs of the people and fits the Spirituality of the Congregation.

Together  with  Mother  Elisabeth   we  can say…”Things have not gone well in this interval and have not been going well up till now” (EG 158).

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